Chara is Stronger Than You

by EmilianModeMusic

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The HD version of my first-ever popular song on both Tumblr and YouTube! I am so proud to bring this to you, in honor of having 100k views on my YouTube channel. People have been begging for this version for a long time, and I've tried so hard again and again to get this version to sound as good emotionally as the original did, while also updating the sound quality so it doesn't sound like it was recorded on a potato.

Special thanks to my close friends, who I ran this track by eight times from conception to finished product. I'm sure you now never want to hear this song again, and I am so sorry I've been your biggest source of a headache for it. You guys are the best <3



Here we go, sans
It’s been a climb
Since the forests before Snowdin,
The Ruins, Hotland, Waterfall,
Now we’re here and I’m…
Very prepared to give YOU a bad time

A kid like me doesn’t play by the rules
Facing off against me, you must be a fool
Now I can feel the room get chiller
It’s Me– your dirty brother killer

Go ahead and try to hit me while you’re able
I can see your state of mind is quite unstable
Yes, I know you know how many times I’m dyin’
But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep tryin’

I know that you think we’ll be here forever
Fighting in this judgement hall together
I’ll keep reloading my save 'til you tire of talkin’
Then I’ll put the final nail in your coffin

I know I’m made of LOVE, LOVE!

Hey sansy~ Watch this!
Remember what I did to Papyrus?
You struggle, but– can’t you see I’ve already won?
After twenty-six deaths I’ll put an end to your fun!

I mean it, this is it!
Once you tire of dodgin’ I know I’ll land a hit
Sorry, sans, I’m no longer your friend
Have you prepared yourself for the end?

This is where it stops, this is where it ends
Why would I spare you, I’ve gotten this far by killing all your friends
No matter how you trick me, I won’t let up my attack
Guess I just adore the feeling of ḿ̷̴ỳ͠ ̀͜s͟͏in̴̴̶ş͠ ͏͘c̡͠r̵̀͘á̢w̕͢l̕͘i̴͝n͢g̸͡ o̢ņ̷̢ ̴m͘y̕ b̡͠a̵c̛k̸͘͜

Go ahead and try to dodge me while you’re able
All my reloads make the timelines more unstable
Now you’re lookin’ at me like I am hellspawn
'Cause you know this time I won’t get DUNKED ON

With this stolen soul I’ll make you disappear
It doesn’t matter to me why you’re here
I’m made of fury, I’m made of anger, I AM DETERMINATION.

I know I’m made of LOVE, LOVE, and it's stronger than you!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and it's stronger than you!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and it's stronger than you!

LV, LV, LV...


released May 18, 2016
Original inspiration for the song: DJSmell (

8-bit Backtrack: Soreperior (

Instrumental Backtrack: Mémoire (

Album Art: Rustnut (

Backtrack Mixing: Tekid The Black (@tekid_the_black)

Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox.

Steven Universe and its songs belong to Rebecca Sugar.

This song is a Fair Use protected fanmade parody and is not intended to infringe copyright.




EmilianModeMusic Inkster, Michigan

Emilian Doyle is an a capella artist and voice actor. Their goal is to create music that touches the heart of their listeners and create emotion and joy (and occasionally cause something called 'feels').

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